Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strawberry Pie

Nothing reminds me more of my Nana & Poppa than good old fashioned homemade "Strawberry Pie" They used to make this every summer for the Family. (well not this exact recipe, but close enough)

Hot & bubbly right out of the oven..nothing smells better that this...

Though my Poppa always made his crust from scratch. Ok...Shame on me..This is my first attempt to make a Fresh Strawberry Pie..I did NOT make the dough from scratch(this time), I wanted to master the filling first..because seriously it is not as easy as it looks. It could be too runny, to chunky, to thick..But I know I did the perfect pie because my hubby ate half of it on his lunch break. I made this for our company on Sunday, looks like I am making a second one for tomorrow..this pie is Not going to last long in this house.

In the picture above...always prick the dough with a fork around the whole shell. This will prevent the shell from lifting and making weird bubbles.

Start with some freshly washed and hulled berries and mix them with 1 cup of sugar, 1 tbsp of cornstarch, 1-8tsp of salt and 3-4 cups of berries.
Those are some red juicy strawberries;

No. that is not snow below, That is the giant mound of Sugar covering the strawberries. Could you Imagine it snowed Sugar??? ...I didn't tell you this was a Fat Free pie! Seriously joking.

Fill the uncooked Pie crust with the filling mixture. The sugar will pretty much melt onto the berries looking like a glaze.

And some about 1 tbsp of butter on top. You do this after you pour the filling into the 9 inch pie crust.

Then cover the filling with the top. Crumple\staple the edges of the pie to get it to stick on. And using a pasty brush rub on a tiny bit of milk and some melted butter. Make sure to cut some holes in the middle to allow some steam to escape.
Place on a baking sheet in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes, then lower the temp to 350 degrees and cook for another 20 minutes or until the crust starts to golden brown and the berries start to bubble..

Keep an eye on your Pie.... If you notice the edges are getting too brown like I did....I had to place strips of tin foil around the edges of the crust about 25 minutes while it was cooking.

Note: **It is VERY important to eat this with Vanilla Ice cream**


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