Thursday, May 27, 2010


Any Ideas what this is going to say??.......unscramble if you please....
oh, and there are a few extra letters to mess you up. My family will get this right away.

Did you figure it out???


yes these are her tiny cute eh? But you cant eat them!

I just realized that already my daughter will be 5 months old this Saturday. Wow where did the time go? I thought Id make some cookies in honor of her..(too bad she cant eat them yet...but WE can! )

So something horrible happened....the letter "O" was smushed! .....
So sad. it did look pretty. lets all pretend that it never happened...better yet...just dont even look at the letter "O"....
Looks like now her name is "Livia"...

Just some simple cookies. These cookies are made of Vanilla sugar cookies..and iced with royal icing (the brown icing is made of Chocolate royal icing).. I got the color scheme idea from my daughters baby blanket. pink with brown polka dots. Since she cannot eat these..just yet..she can be comforted by her blankey and we can be comforted by indulging in these cookies.

Sorry...just had to throw in another cute baby feet picture...
A little side tracked..we were talking about cookies right?!

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