Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainbow Daisy Cupcakes

French Vanilla Frosted Rainbow & Chocolate Cake cupcakes.

These Cupcakes too were for our church's bake sale. All the funds are going to go towards fundraising for "World Youth Day" at St Michael's Parish, In London, Ont.

I got these cupcake papers & daisies from the "Martha Stewart Collection". They have been sitting in my cupboard for a while waiting to be made for the perfect event. Then this spring Yard Sale at our church came up and I think it is pretty appropriate for this time of year. See those polka dots???

Yes! I love polka dots. This is what Sold me on buying these paper cups...


With much disappointment....
They DID NOT SHOW UP!!! err Sorry Martha!

I love Ya but I'm not happy with your paper cups.

Look at the picture below....

......No yellow??!!! No POLKA DOTS!!!

Sigh :(

Any who....
I was going to do plain French Vanilla cupcakes.(this is the batter before they hit the oven)..but I thought that was kinda boring, so I thought Id add a splash of color-with Wilton gel color (rose pink, sky blue, and yellow butter cream)...It really changed the whole look of what I had planned for the cupcakes...
so much for boring white...I think I could find this my new favorite thing so fun!

These were super Colorful & really yummy.
I know that at the sale probably 90% of the people are probably guilty "Chocolate Lovers"like me...So I couldn't be a part of a bake sale with no Chocolate....

So I gave in.

I whipped up Another batch of Double Chocolate Cupcakes. I wonder which will sell faster? The rainbow bright cupcakes or Chocolate?
Or maybe no one will buy them at all?
who am I kidding...they will be gone.......right?!

"I hope."

(all packed and ready to go)..

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Amanda said...

I LOVE your pictures and cupcakes and decoarting!! Great job! I have some cupcake liners like that and was SO disappointed as well when they didnt show up! Especially since I have seen pictures of them where they *did*... I thought it was just something I did wrong! :)



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