Monday, June 7, 2010

Children's Art

It was so cute today....I just have to post these pictures that my 2 1\2 year old daughter & her best buddy colored these pictures today for me and they were hoping I would post it on my blog. So here they are.....

Here's My daughter's Cake she colored...She says this is her wearing a "pink" princess crown & that is her beautiful cake creation.....she is almost in the lines...I think its the perfect cake, too bad it's ingredients are paper and wax crayons.

And here is my daughters best friends work of art. She was so cute and proud that we took pictures of it. She will be even prouder when she sees I posted her cake on my blog.. She sure likes a colorful cake, that is quite the icing job. Great job Joelle!

1 comment:

Dallas said... cute! I'll show her tomorrow. She'll be so proud!


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