Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy month

Looks like I have a super busy month. I never planned to have my blog\online baking book turn into making orders for others...but hey what the heck...I am a stay at home mom right now and really its fun for me. Also gives me and my daughter something fun to do together she loves to help. I would rather make things for other people than have "me" eating it! LOL . So if you have a friend or family that need Cake, Cookies or Cupcakes made for a special occasion just send me a message. A weeks notice is preferred but not always nesassary.

here is what I have to do for the month of June

*Twilight cupcakes ( for a group of girls who are Die-hard Twlight fans who are having a twilight theme party)

* 1 1\2 dozen cupcakes (Graduation theme)

* Graduation Cake

* Cupcakes which will be sold by the youth at our Church fundraiser for "World Youth Day" (Daisy theme cupcakes and Daisy Lollipop cookies)

* Cupakes, Cake or Cookies for a church Breakfast (also goes towards fundraising) Not sure what I have planned to make yet for this.

* Also I may sign up to finish the Wilton Cake decorating course (learing to make professional wedding cakes, and making fondant and gumpaste flowers)

Stay tuned to see how all these projects turn out......better go get my Bake on!!!

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