Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iron Cupcake Challange

Its official...I am fully a registered contestant to compete in the "Iron Cupcake Challenge", in London Ontario. Very excited.

What is it?

Iron Cupcake is open to bakers to compete in a competition similar concept as the T.V show Iron Chef. A secret ingredient is announce and each competitor has to incorporate it into their Cupcakes somehow.

I will be judged 1\3 presentation , 1\3 taste, 1\3 on creativity on how the "secret ingredient" is Incorporated. Prizes are to be won.

Iron cupcake gives back:

Every month a new non-profitable organization is chosen to share the money raised from each event. For the month of july...Iron Cupcake is going to give back to http://www.fairygodmotherproject.com/

The secret ingredient was just announce to me today....

FLOWERS....edible flowers. This should be interesting.

I have a Idea already, but can't tell yet. Dont want to share my idea incase another competitor reads my blog. Wish me luck!

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