Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Flowerpots

This is the continuation of my Sugar cookie post. Oh yes i did.....I made a completly edible potted flower & dirt. who didnt think dirt would taste good? Chocolate fudge cupcake with a 2nd cupcake sprinkled on top of it to resemble dirt and then placed with a beautiful sugar cookie Tulip.

So, After I followed my sugar cookie recipe... I made Poured fondant cookie icing & tinted it pink.
here is the recipe for the poured icing;

1 cup of confectioner sugar
2 tsp milk & 2 tsp of corn syrup.
first mix the milk & sugar together, then add the corn syrup and mix away. place your cookie, cupcake or cake over a wired rack so the excess can drip off. and let dry completely.

The green leaf is made of marshmallow fondant and I attached them all together onto a lollipop stick which I colored green with a food writer pen. The food writers are wonderful...they pretty much are used in the form of a marker, but is edible. put them all together and "Voila!"

These are a great Idea for, birthday parties, table center pieces or a nice mothers day gift. the camera doesn't show the closest details they are super cute!

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Alesha Walls said...

Edible dirt! I seriously love it!


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