Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first cupcake order..

Yippee! I just want to share that my cake decorating hobby may have some good coming out of it! all my hard work in the kitchen crafting up some treats will be paying off! I didn't make this blog out of the intentions of making anything from it....BUT.......I just got my 1st Cupcake Order... for next weekend!!!
" One dozen, Chocolate fudge Finding Nemo cupcakes here I come!
" wish me luck!"


Kim said...

Congratulations, that is really cool!! I am going to subscribe because I love all things cupcake/cake decorating. Have you ever read the blog Cake Wrecks? It's hilarious!

orangeheromama said...

You'll rock it! :D

One Savvy Mommy! said...

HI :-)
New Follower Here!
Thanks for entering in my Wilton Giveaway!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cupcakes! It's a quiet obsession of mine.....great for my kids :-)!!! Not so great for my "diet" :-)
Congrats on your first order! Good Luck! :-)


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