Monday, September 27, 2010

Traditional Pumpkin Pie

To make 1 pie:

2 eggs,
1\2 can of pure pumpkin,
1 cup of packed brown sugar,
1 Tsp Ground cinamon,
1\4 tsp Ground ginger,
1\2 tsp nutmeg
1\4 tsp salt,
3\4 evapourated Milk
1 unbaked pie shell (9inch)

Beat eggs lightly in a medium bowl.
Add pumpkin, sugar, cinamon, nutmeng, ginger & salt. Stir until well combined.
pour filling into shell and bake at 425 degrees 15 minutes. Then reduce temp to 350 and continute baking for 30-35 min or until knife inserted comes out clean. Cool.
If you want to make 2 pies----use a full can of pumpkin and double all ingredients.

**Eat with cool whip is a must**

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